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Personal Work


Personal Work


I’m always building to learn things and test ideas. My basic process involves getting ideas in front of people early, play testing, and using feedback to iterate toward the best experience. Unity/C# tends to be my scratchpad but it really depends on the idea and how its going to be tested. Below are some samples of my personal work, including two indie titles that I shipped.

Project Igneous

KINECT MECHANICS | Unreal / Kismet


Igneous began as an exploration in using Kinect input to give players the power to control the elements. Imagine how much fun it could be to play with or against others by using your body to wield the elements! Or, use your abilities to help characters and interact with the game world.

Also, I’m a huge fan of Avatar, The Last Airbender series. So, I started with Toph. (Who wouldn’t?)


This particular prototype was developed to help understand more about how these motions could translate to the device, when fatigue could occur, and identify potential problems with the concept.

Next Steps

  • Initial prototype built on old version of Unreal. Rebuild in Unity and begin testing with Kinect device
  • Understand fidelity of input and map it to the player’s sense of mastery
  • Multiplayer testing
  • Incorporating DK2

Motion Testing

The basic motions are as follows:

Summon / Hurl

Start with hand below waist, raise hand toward chest. To hurl, use a push your hand forward from your chest.

Stomp Spire

Raise leg followed by downward stomping motion

Rock Wall

Arm out to the side, swipe hand across body


Project: 2021 / Source Runner



  • Input Toggle – Bot/Player control
  • “Remote” control via render to texture
  • Realtime crafting
  • AI prototyping
  • Destructible environment
  • Explore possibility space for bot


  • Modeling AI for environment-based enemy type
  • “Remote” control via render to texture
  • Stun / stall mechanic
  • Test vertical limitations
  • Explore possibility space


  • Modeling AI for environment-based enemy type
  • Rhythmic/audio pattern recognition
  • Risk vs Reward: Bomb carry
  • Exploring possibility space

Project: Roller Blitz – (Shipped)


Tilt Controls | Mobile

Roller Blitz was an exploration into making tilt control feel predictable and responsive. It is made entirely in Kismet, which is Unreal’s visual scripting language.

All but music and some audio was done as a solo endeavor.

UX/UI, F2P framework, GameCenter, Analytics, Characters/AI, weapons, power up system, art and level design.

Check it out on the App Store. It’s free!

Project: Super Genius Racing – (Shipped)

Unity | C# | iOS

Math Improvement | Mobile

Super Genius Racing was a project designed to improve simple math skills. 

C#, Game Design, UX/UI Design, F2P framework, GameCenter, Analytics, Art

Next Steps:

Testing to see if basic math skills have improved after playing.

Check it out on the App Store. It’s Free!